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9 Super Foods that Stimulate Immunity Boost

The immune system protects the body by the action of various infectious agents, in particular, and generally prevents and neutralizes the foreign elements that, under certain conditions, can attack the integrity of the body. The body cannot produce all these substances but is forced to acquire them from the daily diet. We will present you 9 such foods that have the merit to possess such properties.

1. The parsley


One of the foods high in vitamin C, parsley also has a good taste. Vitamin C is an exceptional antioxidant that not only that it has anti-aging effects on the body but it also protects it against colds and hay fever. Used especially as a flavoring for salads or different dishes, the parsley should be eaten all year around.

2. The garlic

With a distinct odor and flavor, the garlic is a natural antibiotic. The allicin content makes it powerful in fighting against all kinds of infections but also in fighting chronic diseases like cancer. It can be eaten raw, dried or in concentrated form, as extract. It is recommended for current nutrition or in up to 12 weeks treatments.

3. The cereals

Although all the cereals are beneficial for a proper functioning of the body, the barley and the oat distinguish by certain properties. They have a great content of beta glucan, a type of fiber with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Among their qualities we remind the advantage of antibiotics absorption but also the fact that is an effective stimulus for the immunity.

4. The mushrooms

Staple food when it comes to immunity boost, the mushrooms also have anti-infective properties. Used as often as possible in nutrition, the health benefits are maximized. With a subtle taste and flavor, they are suitable for dishes combinations carefully adjusted so as to highlight their full potential.

5. The cabbage

The glutathione is a nutrient that strengthens the immune system and cabbage is a food that has a significant percentage. So it has multiple functionality in a balanced diet. Raw, cooked or pickled cabbage, it fully proves its culinary versatility. Regardless of the color or type, the cabbage consumption strengthens the immune system.

6. Wheat germ

wheat germ
While in the early phase of vegetation, the wheat is a real nutrients’ storehouse that play an important role in the nutrition but also in creating an immune barrier. The fibers, the proteins, the vitamins and the minerals contained can be consumed alone, two tablespoons in the morning, or can be turned into flour and used to enrich bread or other pastry.

7. The grapefruit

What does this fruit recommend in order to obtain an immune system ready for any event? Of course the vitamin C, the main property of citrus fruits, but also the flavonoids. These chemicals contribute a great deal to keeping the optimal immunity.

8. The apples

Is there still something to be said, yet unknown, about the special properties of the apples? Whether consumed while on a weight loss diet due to their low calories content or for pleasure due to its special taste, the fruit of the tree with the same name fully proves its efficiency for the immune system.

9. The ginger

Being the strong aromatic root of a herbaceous plant that grows in the hot areas, the ginger tastes great but has also special medical properties. In the case of colds, ginger tea works effectively on cough and for asthmatic diseases the fresh ginger juice is recommended by the Chinese traditional medicine. At its turn, the immune system is strongly sustained by the essential ethereal oils contained as well as by the entire range of products that contain ginger.

Regardless of the season, for an effective immune protection, we need quality nutrients that we take from quality food. Only in this way we can cope with the aggressive pathogens that try to disrupt our daily activities.