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9 Reasons Why It is Better to Wax than to Shave

Although waxing has become common for many people, but still not everyone is a fan. Many people are still apprehensive about the idea of waxing, claiming that it will only hurt their skin. Although waxing is not painless, its benefits outweigh this issue.

Waxing has quickly become the go-to option of many women who want to get rid of stubborn and unwanted hair. This beauty regimen has received decent popularity that some are already taking waxing courses in beauty schools in hopes of becoming beauty and skin professionals. However, despite its popularity, waxing is still misunderstood by some. In order to shed light to the benefits and importance of waxing, it is beneficial that we review its advantages over traditional shaving.

Shaving remains a popular beauty option of many people but some are converting to waxing because of the benefits they could get.


Below are some of the advantages of waxing over shaving.

1. Since waxing pulls the hair from its roots, its effectiveness is obviously longer than shaving. In shaving, the hair is cut from its end not from its roots, making the hair easier to grow. This will help you save time since you don’t have to do it very often.

2. Shaving can cut the surface of the skin if done the wrong way. This accident is quite common even to the most careful shavers. Cuts can be problematic as it could leave scars. With waxing, no cuts are caused, leaving the skin clear and healthy.

3. Shaving can be problematic for people with sensitive skin. For such people, they may experience allergic reaction to shaving, leaving their skin with rashes. Many waxing products of today are hypoallergenic and made for people with sensitive skin so such problem is non-issue at all.

4. Quality waxing products make hair grow slower and finer, making is healthy to the skin. With traditional shaving, the hair grows faster and much rougher, which can be quite an issue to people with sensitive skin.

5. Waxing can make your skin feel smoother and healthier. Since hair regrowth with waxing is much slower, you will not feel itchy when your hair starts to regrow. This is particularly beneficial to people who get easily uncomfortable with feeling itchy.

6. Since waxing makes hair regrowth slower, you don’t have to do it on a regular basis. Unlike shaving, hair starts to grow after few days, prompting you do to it over and over again. This could be time-consuming and an issue if you are the type of person who doesn’t have plenty of time.

7. Shaving could cause stubbles, which can be quite irritating and uncomfortable. This fact will prompt you to shave more often since otherwise will make your skin feel rough and abrasive. This could be an issue since the more you shave, the more chances of you getting cuts and scars.

8. Waxing can be done fast and convenient. Contrary to popular belief that you need good amount of time to do it, waxing can be done in a breeze. There are certain products out in the market that do not require heat and can be washed away with water.

9. Many people say that waxing is uncomfortable and extremely painful. This could be true if you are doing it the wrong way. If you are doing it correctly, waxing could be as painless as possible. Hence, it is important that you follow all the instructions provided by experts or by those who took waxing courses.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know the advantages of waxing over shaving. By waxing the correct way, you can be sure that you will get rid of unwanted hair the safer and faster way.