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5 Sweet Foods to Eat that Wouldn’t Harm Your Diabetes

We have seen many of our friends and relatives suffer from diabetes as they get older and eat sweet foods. If you have been inflicted with this sickness as well, you know it’s hard to control the temptation of eating sugary food sometimes. The feeling is especially hard to contain during parties and celebrations when all delicious (often sweet) food are served. Your favorite portion must be the desserts! In this article, we will tackle five sweet foods you can eat that won’t harm your diabetes. Save your health without depriving your appetite to sumptuous healthy recipes.

1. Fresh Fruits

Say thanks to Mother Nature and to farmers who plant and harvest fruits. Fruits are savory in taste and they don’t harm your diabetes. In fact, they are one of the best bets of the ADA in their recommendation of what treats to take for the diabetics. Delight yourself with fruits that are high in antioxidants and vitamins to reduce the risks of having cardiovascular diseases. There are the likes of mangoes, kiwi fruit, berries and citrus fruits that should be kept in your fridge for your daily meals.

2. Yogurt

Probably by now most people know that yogurts are healthy treats that have prebiotic bacteria that aid in digestion. While normal non-diabetic people can have yogurts with artificial flavoring, you can have a cup of non-fat and sugar-free yogurt to enjoy as a snack or dessert. If your taste buds do not agree with the blandness, you can add in fruits as toppings. Another alternative is to sprinkle the juice from fresh, blended fruits to your plain yogurt.

3. Sugar-free Hot Choco

Miss chocolates but still withdrawn from eating them? Don’t fret. A cup of sugar-free hot chocolate can quench your thirst for sweets. Pure cocoa does not constitute to sugar and you can take on chocolate drinks with less than 25 grams to 60 grams per serving. Make sure first to read the contents on the food label before deciding to get that box of hot chocolate to your grocery cart. If you want to snack on chocolates, you can have dark chocolates as they are mostly sugar-free and calorie-free.

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4. Sugar-free Ice Cream

What does a sugar-free ice cream taste like? It almost is the same with the real thing but it contains no fat and no sugar. There are calories as part of the contents but really minimal. Sugar-free ice creams are now available in most food stores with freezers. If you are not into ice cream, you can take the fat-free frozen yogurt as alternative.

5. Sugar-free Gelatin

Jell-o or gelatin put into drinks or eaten as a whole is a good treat for diabetics. The good news is that you can take them all as unflavored ones do not contain any carbohydrates or calories. To make it more special, you can mix chopped pieces of jell-o with fresh fruit drinks.


Moderation is key, ultimately, when you have diabetes. This does not mean eliminating sugar for all your life. A little bit of food though with sugar content is not bad for your health. You just have to know your limits and consume food that will feed your nutritional needs. You don’t have to be guilty in taking these sweet delights and consider them to be part of your healthy meals.