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20 Foods High in Uric Acid

Are you having, or at risk of having, arthritis or flank pains? If so, you may want to avoid some foods high in uric acid. High blood uric acid level (Hyperuricemia) leads to accumulation of uric acids in the joints thereby causing build ups of crystals which is a typical symptom of gouty arthritis – and it is painful. Kidney stones may also arise if you’re not careful with your uric acid level. Hence, in this article, you’ll discover the 20 foods that increase your uric acid level. You may want to avoid them.

Understanding Uric Acids

Uric acid is a waste product that comes from the breakdown of purines, a natural substance required for the chemical structuring of our genes. With a normal kidney, uric acid is easily eliminated as one of the components of urine, urea. However, when there is a presence of a disease that affects the kidney or there is simply too much intake of foods high in uric acid, the waste product accumulates leading to gouty arthritis, kidney stones, atherosclerosis and other heart diseases. This is why when your doctor tells you that your uric acid level is high, you better take it seriously.

What Foods to Avoid

Elevated uric acid level is not only caused by eating too much purine rich foods. It may also come as a side effect from taking diuretic medications, too much alcohol intake, immunosuppressive drugs, and diseases like tumor lysis syndrome. It may also be acquired through genetics. However, these things need expert medical attention. What you can do for yourself is simply to avoid putting too much purine in your diet. Here is a list of foods high in uric acid:



Seafood is generally high in purine, but not all of them. Here is a specific list of some seafood found to have higher purine levels than the rest.


Although seafood is really good, you better move away from shellfish. Stay away from mussels, lobsters, oysters, and clams.


Those small, common salt water fish are truly tasty when mixed with pasta and other recipes. But, with your uric acid level peeking up, you should try to avoid or minimize your cravings for anchovies.


Just like anchovies, sardines are a true delicacy. But with a case of Hyperuricemia, it is better to shy away from this seafood.


There are a lot of people who are attracted to this weird looking seafood. Just to let you know, herrings produce high amounts of uric acid in the blood stream.


Many of you know that tuna contains omega-3, something that is good for the heart. But it also contains high levels of uric acid. So if your case is Hyperuricemia, just minimize your intake of tuna.


Among all the classification of food, meat contains the highest levels of uric acid. So it is wise to simply minimize your intake of meat. But just to let you know of some specific types of meat containing high purine, here is a list of them.

Chicken meat

You might miss the taste of a crispy fried chicken or grilled chicken wings, but with your uric acid level soaring high, it is best to avoid or minimize your intake of chicken meat.


According to many studies, bacon contains really high levels of purine. Therefore, they should be strictly avoided.

Organ meats

Brain, liver, kidneys and other organ meats that you can find in barbecues or exotic cuisines, are naturally concentrated with purine and they rank as the highest among meats that contain purine.

Red meats

Even red meats are not safe if you have high uric acid level – even mince meat and meat extracts are not safe as well.


As a kid, you might have been taught that vegetables are good for you. Although it is true, but not all the time – it is a case to case basis. And with a case of high uric acid levels, it is wise to choose the kind of vegetables you are going to eat.



In a game of Super Mario, mushrooms make you bigger. But in reality, they contain high levels of uric acid that is best avoided by people with gout, or kidney stones.


In some other case, lentils are truly healthy for you. But it is not recommended if you have developed high uric acid level already.


The vegetable that makes Popeye stronger, and considered to be one of the super foods, has been found to contain high uric acid level.


Although they say green leafy vegetables are good for you, it is better if you exclude this one from your diet.


They have been found out to be a true aphrodisiac, but in your case of high uric acid level, it is better to stay away from them.

Other High Uric Acid foods

The following foods are also found to have high levels of purine that leads to high uric acid levels:
• Yeast
• Bakery
• Pickles
• Fruits: bananas, avocados, apples, kiwi fruits, dates and pineapples
• Sweet breads
• Oatmeal

Those are the major purine rich foods that you should avoid. However, keep in mind that a balanced diet should be maintained. Avoid severe dieting or over-fasting because this has been found to increase uric acid further. Moreover, don’t be scared if you already have high uric acid level. Don’t let the disease control you. You control the disease.

With this list of foods high in uric acid, you are in control of yourself – in control of the foods you must and must not eat. You might feel down knowing that your favorite foods are listed above. Relax. There are alternatives that are as good as the original ones. You can seek expert advice from your dietitian as to what you can do with your diet in which you can still enjoy the best foods the world has to offer without worrying too much about your uric acid level.