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10 Delicious Things Vegans Love

Although I’m not a vegan, I have plenty of vegan friends. I completely respect their decision to live a kind life. Unfortunately, the vegan lifestyle is often misunderstood. Vegans only use 100% plant-based food and products. Even things like clothing and cosmetics are a consideration for vegans.

Although the vegan diet is restricted to what grows from the Earth, there are plenty of foods and recipes vegans enjoy. This list of 10 delicious things vegans love proves the vegan diet can easily be adapted for anyone and everyone.

1. Mayonnaise

Mayo is at the top of the list of food items you may think would be untouchable by vegans. Since typical Mayonnaise is made from eggs, the idea that vegans would avoid it makes perfect sense. BUT…many vegans actually enjoy plant-based Mayo. There are options available in many local grocers, or you can make it yourself. Here’s a delicious and simple Vegan Mayo Recipe.

2. Lasagna

Most people think of lasagna as a thick, cheesy, meaty and saucy mixture with layers of thick noodles, baked in an oven until golden bubbly brown. Vegans are able to create their own, much healthier version with ingredients like butternut squash, vegan cheese shreds, veggies, noodles, and fresh herbs. Here’s a delicious Vegan Lasagna recipe. Try it for yourself. You may be surprised how delicious it really is!

3. Chocolate Candy

Many people automatically think of “milk chocolate” when they think of chocolate. So, right away this seems like a no-no for vegans. Fortunately, many brands of chocolate are vegan-friendly. Chocolate is made from the cacao bean, which is plant-based and mostly acceptable for a vegan diet.

You can find a complete list of vegan acceptable chocolate on the PETA website. I was excited to learn that Sweet Pete’s, right here in Jacksonville, offers delicious vegan gift baskets too! So, if you’re looking for a fun gift to send a vegan friend, you can pack it full of vegan chocolate bars, dessert bars, and candy. I love supporting local businesses, and this is sure to be a welcome surprise to any earth, animal, and health loving vegan.

4. Chili Cheese Potatoes

The misconception here comes from the idea of chili is loaded with meat and dairy. But, believe it or not, chili can be made without any animal products. It’s simple to make an entirely plant-based chili with ingredients like beans, peppers, onions, tomatoes, and spices. Here’s a delicious and surprisingly simple Chili Cheese Red Potato Recipe you’re sure to enjoy.

5. Mushrooms

This hearty, meaty, earthy element may slip your mind when considering what vegans eat. By coating mushrooms with rice flour or whole grain flour, these little fungi can be baked to perfection with a great dipping sauce made from Sriracha and Veganaise (or your own homemade version of flavored mayonnaise).

6. Falafels

Vegans can enjoy the light taste of falafel when made with ingredients like carrots, kale, tahini, chickpeas, flour, onions, and other herbs. These delicious little beauties are often served with a side of hummus or on pita bread. Here’s an amazing vegan falafel recipe.

7. Granola


Granola is another hearty food vegans enjoy. I created this Healthy Granola Recipe using oats, pecans, sunflower seeds, coconut oil, and plenty of other nutritious ingredients. My recipe uses eggs, but here’s a simple vegan swap. In place of the two egg whites, simply use 1-2 overripe, mashed bananas. Follow the recipe exactly with this one simple swap, and voila you have delicious vegan granola.

8. Sports Nutritional Supplements

Many supplements on the health market today include ingredients that are not vegan-friendly. There are exceptions, such as vegan protein powder, which can be purchased from health stores and online suppliers. These vegan supplements are beneficial to the support of the overall health of the body when living a vegan lifestyle.

9. Peanut Butter Buckeyes

To the unknowing, this desert treat would be way out of bounds for vegans because of the traditional ingredients. However, when they are made from millet, vegan butter, vegan chocolate, coconut oil, and peanut butter, they become a very tasty vegan treat. Simple! Here’s a fun Vegan Peanut Butter Buckeye recipe.

10. Pizza

A fresh baked Italian style pizza without cheese. Pizza is a worldwide recognized and loved food. The normal variety is loaded with an assortment of greasy meats and heavy cheeses. Vegans have taken over the way that people think about pizza with their much healthier version. Vegan pizza is typically made with lots of healthy veggies and herb sauce. This type of pizza is a veggie lover’s dream. If you’re craving gooey cheese, simply add vegan cheese and enjoy it!

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